My duck egg pipped 15 hours ago and now nothing what to do???


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Mar 4, 2010
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These are my first duck eggs in the bator one pipped last night at 8:00pm it is now 11 am and still no baby duck. It is rolling around and everyonce in a while I see it pushing on the hole it already made. My humidity is about 55-60 I had it higher but now that it pipped all of a sudden it seems to drop a little is that normal and how long will it take for the duck to hatch.
Have you been opening the incubator a lot? Humidity loss or lack of humidity during hatch is one of the biggest problems with hatching waterfowl. Do NOT open the incubator and lose that precious humidity (which really should be up to 75%-85%).

As far as the pipping, that is completely normal. Ducks tend to pip further in advance than other types of poultry. I have frequently had them pip up to 72 hours before hatch.
I haven't opened the bator at all I have wet sponges in there are a shallow tupperware of water. Should I try to do something to boost the humidity??
In this case, I probably would open the incubator for that purpose. If your humidity has been at that level throughout incubation, you are probably on track. I would just try to raise it a little for hatch now. A lot of successful hatching is just finding out what works for you and your environment, but for most people, that is lower than what they use during the hatch for waterfowl.
First, stop worrying! My eggs generally take about 48 hours from pip to hatch. If he's rolling around and pecking at that hole, he's just fine for now. You can start worrying if it's been more than 24 hours since he's made *any* progress and he seems to be weakening. THEN worry. Until then, just sit on your hands and try to enjoy.
Thank you and he or she really seems to be moving a lot now and has a couple more holes. I can't wait to see the babies I won't do anything for now.

Thanks for calming my nerves this is worse than labor at least then you know what's happening.
Cool!! In my experience, once they start actively expanding the hole, it's not more than a few hours till hatch. So it sounds like you're getting close!! Keep in mind, however, that every breed/line/generation/individual is different, so don't panic if your duckie takes a break or two between now and hatch. Just watch for overall activity. Danger signs are: Lack of progress for 24 hours or more combined with noticeably decreasing strength of activity and/or peeps over the same period. Keep us posted! And of course--please post pictures when you're baby arrives. I am SOOOOOO jealous. I am having serious duckling cravings. I have a batch of eggs in the bator now, but I don't think they are developing, so I'm going to have to start over soon with a new batch, and that means waiting even longer for babies!! I have a batch coming from Holderread at the beginning of April, so at least I know that's coming, but it's too long to wait. You're going to have a baby in less than two days!!! Hurrayy!!!
My ducky hatched!!!!
So excited now I have one more that hasn't even started to pip yet so I will still be waiting. As soon as I get him out of the bator I'll post pick's.

Thanks for all your support!!!!!
Woooooooo-hoooooo!! SO exciting. I thought it would be out pretty quick once you said he was expanding that hole. You might have noticed that he drew a "line" around the top of the egg and then pushed the top off. That line-drawing process is often called "zipping." Mine usually zip in a couple hours and pop the lid off in another half hour or so. Congratulations!!
Hopefully last question for the night. He is pushing the other egg in there around with his head is this ok or will it hurt the duck still in the egg?

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