My duck has a broken leg help

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by viktoriya987, May 3, 2016.

  1. viktoriya987

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    May 3, 2016
    Yesterday, my baby duck was stepped on. He cannot walk or set his foot down. Apparently the femur, fibula, or tibia is broken. I cannot afford the vet, but I feel terrible. Wondering how I can help the little guy heal?
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    Some folks have done okay by wrapping the upper and lower parts of the leg, allowing it to bend at the joint. Vet wrap may be something to try, remember you must make sure that circulation is not at all inhibited. You might want to set up a sling to keep all weight off the leg for a while - make sure it allows room around the vent so that manure is not held against the little's body. Good nutrition is vital to healing, make sure you feed a good balanced ration - and I would add vitamins to the water once a week.

    There is a poultry podiatry page on poultrypedia you might want to look at, also.

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    I had a duckling injury similar but not as serious as yours when she was almost a week old.

    The vet prescribed daily swims in warm water to provide some physiotherapy. I didn't always do epsom salt in theater because when they drink it it gives them diarrhea. And depending on the age it can be hard to stop them before they swallow.

    I let her swim twice a day during the week and as many times as possible on the weekends.

    This little duckling didn't let her injury stop her. She limped along with the others doing all the normal ducky things just a lot slower than the others.

    I made a small feeder station just for her. I don't think she really needed it but I made it so I would worry less about her.

    The will to survive is strong in ducklings and they adapt to their circumstances. As long as its eating and drinking it will make it through.

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