my duck is sick!!!!!

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    May 21, 2015
    My duck as failed very badly she was always a very happy healthy good laying duck. Now her feathers looked chewed and broken she is dull and lethargic and feeling very sorry for herself. I have 12 ducks and 1 drake and she is the only one that looks like this I have had her for 3 years but I don't know what age she was when I got her (allegedly 2/3) Any suggestions??? I would love to help her
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    Separate her, perhaps with a buddy she gets along with - not the drake. She almost sounds like the drake won't leave her alone.

    She needs to be in a quiet, clean place with good bedding, fresh water and food. Give her time in a tub of lukewarm water - no soap - let her clean herself up for half an hour or so, then get her into her quiet place. An unbreakable mirror might be good.

    Take a good look at her - how is she moving? How is she breathing? What's her poop like?

    I need to sign off for now, but plan to check back late tonight.

    She needs your help now.

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