My duckling is breathing really fast


In the Brooder
Jun 18, 2022
My one week old duckling seems to be breathing very fast. It is also making a clicking noise and sometimes it wheezes. I noticed it is not as active as the other ducklings and doesn't drink water or eat as much as the others.
Breed? Do you have any poultry vitamins? Are you giving your ducklings any form of niacin?
It might be a good idea to put this duckling into its own brooder if you can fix it so it can stay in the same one but separate that way to can monitor its eating drinking and pooping.
Can you tell if it's pooping? A member on here had a duckling that wasn't doing well and found it had pasty butt which will kill them if not taken care of. The bottom needs to be checked to make sure there isn't a blockage of dried poop making it difficult to poop. Usually a nice warm bath will help loosen any dried poop and helps to get them pooping.
There are good poultry vitamins out there too Poultry nutri drench is one. Also very important that ducklings have a good supply of niacin in their diets for the first 10-12 weeks of life to help them have strong legs. Making sure bedding is as dry as possible is another thing, Aspergillosis is another problem that wet nasty poopy bedding can cause. So keeping the brooder clean is important. This is a fungus and causes breathing problems. It's also called brooder pneumonia.
Thank you for responding! I have 3 Indian duck runners. The food I give them contains niacin which it does seem to be eating a little. It does poop and I've checked for any blockage and there isn't any. I have just separated it from the others to keep a better eye and the brooder is always clean and dry so I don't think that may be the problem. I do not have any poultry vitamins but I'll be sure to get some. I have noticed that it hasn't grown as big as the others and they were all born on the same day. Since yesterday the breathing has gotten louder to where the clicking noise is much more noticeable.

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