My duckling only walks with one foot

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    Jul 20, 2011
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    Not sure how many people can help me since this is a chicken forum, but i figured i would try. i have a baby duckling im taking care of , its probably about 2 weeks old, maybe 2 and a half. it keeps its right foot curled in, and only hops around on its left foot. i tried to open it up but im afraid of putting too much pressure, and its starting to get its feces caked in there because it doesent clean its self on that foot, only the good foot. is there something i can do? it doesent apear to be in pain, or even to notice it at all, im just worried about blood circulation, and the nails growing in on them selves.
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    This is just from reading about what folks do for baby chicks with toe deformities, but....

    I would try to straighten it out, or as close as I could get to straight, then tape it in that position. I'd probably start by trying a piece of lightweight cardboard under the foot and some regular old first aid tape on top. Hopefully after a week or two the foot will have grown at least into a more normal position. It would likely take some fiddling.

    Maybe someone with real experience will come along.

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