My ducklings are coming ! A few questions ?


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Apr 7, 2013
Hello ! I order 6 ducklings and a gosling I was wondering if their are any neat things I can teach my new babies ! And also I was told that if you have more than 1 duckling they won't imprint on you and they won't get attached to you ? Is this true ? Because I want to have a close relationship with all of them and I plan to spend a lot of time with each of them ! If you have any pointers to get them to trust me and love people please let me know ! This is my first time owning ducklings and goslings ! Thank you very much ! They will be here Wednesday ! I'm so excited !
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I found that with much time spent with the ducklings, talking gently and offering treats and all that, that mine are pretty friendly, and a few like to be petted. No one likes being picked up, but they will tolerate it. The practical advantage is that if they need medical examination or treatment, it is not a big deal.

Here is an example of what working with ducks can do.
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I have 5 Campbell 2 week old ducklings that I incubated and they are imprinted on me and my daughter. They are so much friendlier than the ones I bought from Rural King a couple years ago. It really depends on the ducks. Being thrown in a box and shipped is really hard on the babies.
they will get friendly..and if you spend alot of time with them..sit among them and try and feed them some from your hand and they'll trust you. i have to say, the ones i buy even if they're only one day old got friendly, but the ones i hatch are far more trusting and friendly than the ones i bought. The ones i hatch think i'm their mommy..and follow me around the yard. They don't like to be held..but will let me pet them and they eat from my hand. at night i herd them into the pen and they just follow me right in..if there are several of them, they will be inseparable..if you remove one, they'll all peep and cry untill you put the one back..that goes with ones you buy together..or ones you hatch together. you can teach them, you'll just have to take this into account while you're teaching them..because once you remove one..his only thought it getting back with his flock.

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