:( My ducks are murderers :(


6 Years
May 5, 2016
Orange county NY
I wouldn't believe it, but I saw it with my own eyed :hit
it all started 3 days ago when one of my bantam hens showed up with 9 tiny hatchlings.
needless to say I was shocked. pretty disappointed too. I thought this was over for the year . Any way the very next morning I heard the chicks peeping with no mamma in sight. She would hide them at night and bring them to the feeding area in the morning.
Well next thing you know my ducks are acting like monsters, pecking and stomping the babies. I didn't realize what was going on until I chased them away and found the dead chicks.
I thought they were just harassing's them. JERKS! :mad:
Now I have the 6 survivors in my backroom. My sweet momma hen Sophia is gone and my ducks are Murderers. :rant:hit:mad:

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