My ducks need a house any ideas?


10 Years
Oct 21, 2009
I have a pair (male female) of Khaki Campbell duck that I got from a friend. They reside in my chicken pen. They won't go into the chicken coop. I want to build them a house but I don't have any idea on the style.

The requirements are that the duck house remain in the chicken pen because it is totally covered with chicken wire to keep the bad creatures out.
You could always adapt a doghouse to house your ducks! Personally I would add a floor and a locking door for security just in case something did get in the run. That would work very well, though, and I know several people on here have said they use dogloos. You can often find dogloos for cheap on Craigslist.

Another thing you could look for is a piece of furniture that you could change to fit your needs. I recently made a serama and call duck house out of a sturdy piece of furniture I got for $15, and not only is it perfect it took barely any work at all.

I hope these suggestions help you, or at least get the wheels turning or something! I'm definitely not an expert on constructing anything (I don't trust that anything I personally made would necessarily even stand up...), so I usually try to find other things to modify.
Thanks that did help. I will go with the dog house. I actually have one that my beagle never used. I built it so that the roof would lift open for cleaning. It will work great for gathering the eggs.

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