My Easter Eggers are not friendly!


5 Years
Sep 16, 2014
My easter eggers are not friendly! They run away from us and one of them will peck at us. We generally only pet them at night when they are sleepy but the mean one is usually on alert. No one has ever hurt the chickens, so I don't know why they are so unfriendly. They are about 16 weeks old and not laying yet. We have a very handsome rooster (by accident) and five hens. Any suggestions?
You might want to check out this article: Taming - and Curing Flighty Birds. The writer offers some suggestions there.

I have not found my own two Easter Eggers to be all that friendly, but neither are they mean or aggressive. One is simply reluctant to be petted or held, but will occasionally choose to come up to you. The other is a little friendlier, but is also very wary of being petted or held. He wants only to be near you, not touching you. Both will come to you for treats, though!

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