My EE flew the coop!

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11 Years
Apr 20, 2008
Birnamwood, Wisconsin
Just look at this naughty little girl! She flew up an over a 6 + foot fence ...It's my first escape artist and I think she had a little help from a chair I had in there. I removed the chair so we will see if she gets out tomorrow. They do get out to free range later in the day but not so early. She got out early and I was in the garage taking care of the little bantams when she comes waddling in to say hello. What I did was let my pesky Serama roo out with her to keep her company! HEHE He is now annoying the heck out of her! Maybe she will learn her lesson now.

that is so funny!

we have an old english bantam and she could fly over our 6 foot fence without anything helping her!!then we put up netting to make it a full 9 feet high and she STILL flew over it!! so now we have bird netting on top and on all sides so she cannot escape!!
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My 'Americana' roosters (hatchery Americana's, so you know, really just EEs) last fall always flew over the six-foot fences--they were the only ones in the flock to figure out how to do it, and they were always out within minutes of the coop door coming open. Good luck getting your hen to decide she wants to stay in.
We have an EE that flys out of the 8' tall pen. The other night she couldn't get back in when it got dark and I found her up on the top of the railing, like she had tried to fly back in and just decided to stay there to roost. Now it has a cover...little bugger.

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