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    Aug 24, 2016
    I adopted a flock of chickens that had 7 hens. On Mother's Day the previous owners hatched 4 more chicks. We eventually put down 1 and gave an older hen from the original flock away. About 3 weeks ago we added 5 more older hens to the flock. WE have a total of 14 hens now. We are having a egg production problem. I think it is because of stress of adding the 5 new egg laying leghorns.

    What can I do to find out which hens are laying and which ones are not as all 5 leghorns (white eggs) are not laying each day. Also my 3 young hens are not laying each day and am only getting 2 eggs every other day or every 3rd day. Is it possible that the 3rd hens is still too young as they were only born on Mother's Day.
  2. I almost got confused....Yes, the new ones are young and probably not laying yet...Red combs and wattles will be your first sign....

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    Exact ages and timeline that they came to you might help.
    So would knowing the size of you coop and run in feet by would be good too.
    And what and how exactly you are feeding.

    Younger birds may not be ready to lay, especially in the waning light of fall.
    Older birds may be in some phase of molt.
    Stress of additions to flock can throw everything off kilter for days to weeks to months.
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    Aug 24, 2016
    I saw one of my young ones in the nesting box laying today and the young ones do not have wattles or combs, so now I am confused. I do know my new 5 leghorns are molting so their egg production has suffered.

    Thanks for everyone's help

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