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    May 25, 2008
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    I just got an email from UPSPS that my eggs are to arrive Wensday to WALMART!!! so I call the usps they won't let me just pick the eggs up at the airport when they get in state the only option they give me is to ship them back to the seller!! NO i don't want that! So after 45 minutes on the phone with walmart manageres and shipping and arrival, which i have never shipped anything to in the past they will allow me to pick up my package there when it arrives... if it arrives..

    SOO I have once ordered something from walmart on paypal BUT it shipped to my home! So how does paypal give the breeder the address to walmart when I had entered the address of my uncles grouse park in the shipping address area! on paypal it shows his address on the paypal usps invoice thingy emailed to me it shows Walmart!

    So much drama for my first round of ordering eggs. I mean what are the chances!

    I just hope my eggs are ok [​IMG]
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    I try to remember to ask buyers to send me a PM or an email with the correct address, just in case of Paypal error. It's a good idea to send your correct addy to the seller in any case, because you just never know.

    Thanks for posting about this problem, it's a good reminder not to rely on "automatic" transfer of information.

    Good luck, I hope you get your eggs!
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    Yes, thank you. It is an awful problem for you and frustrating to no end, I am sure, [​IMG] but nice of you to let the rest of us know what can happen!


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