My Eggs are PEEPING!!!

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  1. Lockdown started last is my first hatch in the incubator and so much could go wrong even yet, but I'm so excited to hear them peep! I forgot they do that. I was checking the temp and heard peeping and I thought at first it was the parakeet who's cage is nearby, but then I heard more then one peep.

    Last night I took them out of the trays they were in...I turn my eggs myself...and put them big end up in egg cartons. I tried to candle a couple times but really could not see anything I could recognize. I kept turning them but wondered if they were even alive....then PEEPS!! I'm all excited. If it all goes South I'll be so disappointed because now they are chicks, not just eggs.
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    May 28, 2009
    good luck! I've had a nerve-racking past couple of days b/c day 21 for me was this past wed. And my temps fluctuated/got too low a couple times w/the bator I'm using so 2 more are still hatching today!
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    Congrats on the peepers. My very first chick hatched this morning so I know how "eggcited" you are. Its so addicting to hatch the eggs and watch the chicks maye their way out of the shell and into the big new world.
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    Day 21 passed today, with no pips or peeps... I never get any to hatch... [​IMG]
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    I would let them set a while longer. If the temps went down during the incubation the hatch will be slower. If nothing by day 25 I would open them up to see when they quit. Open them inside of a closed Ziploc bag in case you have a stinker.
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    Quote:Sometimes the babies wont hatch until day 25 or even later. Dont worry! Dont even think of worrying until at LEAST day 24.
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    Wow...I hope mine start peeping soon...we go into lockdown tonight! Congrats on the peeping [​IMG]
  8. tiny Seabright egg has pipped, and is almost zipped. Don't see any other pips but if one is alive and hatching then I did not do something drastically wrong and kill them all. I need to come up with a temporary brooder pretty quickly. I have a clamp light (but I need a bulb), and I have a chick waterer and feeder, and chick starter feed. And I have clean pine shavings. I think I'll run to Walmart and buy a huge Rubbermaid tub...and set it up in the bathtub. Sounds like a plan to me. Does it have obvious disadvantages other than having to take it out of the tub when I shower? The bathroom is the only place with a door that the dogs can't open by themselves.

    Now, I'm supposed to leave that little Seabright in the incubator right? I do not want to open it until all the others...if there are more...hatch out and dry. I can leave it in there two that right?
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    You can leave the sebright in there for up to 3 days, he/she will be just fine without food and water. They live on the yolk in their bellies. Just make sure he can't fall into the water cups. [​IMG] Good luck with the rest of them!
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    My hatch of 11 eggs is almost done. I have 9 Brabanter eggs and two volunteer brown "cross eggs". They went into lockdown on Tuesday and there was one egg that started to display a whole on Wed evening. That egg hatched 24 hours later. The other brown egg hatch earlier in the day before noon. Since then 5 of the Brabanters have hatched and all are fairly steady on their feet and bright eyed so I moved them to the brooder to give the remaining eggs more room and one is trying to hatch at the moment. As soon as the chicks that hatched on Wed were in the brooder they found the water and started drinking and sampled the food. It's all pretty new / strange to them. Pooping has begun so it appears that currently all systems are go. One of the brown eggs turns out to be a cochin, the chick has feathers on the shanks.. pops is a Jersey Giant.. hmm, now that's something to ponder.

    Good luck with your hatch.

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