My eggs are suddenly lighter in color.....?


10 Years
Jun 2, 2009
I have 14 chickens, five different breeds (barred rock, white rocks, gold laced wyandottes, australorps and NH reds.) I've suddenly noticed that all of their eggs seem to be getting lighter and lighter in color. They are now a cream color instead of brown..... My hens are all 11 months old. They lay about a dozen a day between them, sometimes more, sometimes less. The quality is fine for all of them.
Does this happen as they get older....?
i second Omran's opinion. normal. they do that. there is also a theory that chickens that get more sunlight have lighter colored eggshells. they may be responding to that since it is warm weather season.
Thanks! It seemed to happen so gradually that I didn't even noticed it until one day it dawned on me. I must say that it is SO MUCH FUN to have chickens. We should have done this years ago!
The eggs naturally get lighter as the laying season progresses. I think changing feeds or giving them too much of certain treats can affect them also. I have had times where most of my hens laid very light colored eggs compared to normal for a few days and then their egg color went back to where it was at.

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