My Entire Flock Is Sick...HELP


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So, I got 2 BBB turkeys and was told they were healthy by a friend BUT now they plus my entire flock of chickens has this nasty respiratory, snot, sneezing, head shaking, gasping, lethargic all around nastiness. I tried Aureomycin-10 but that is not working and was told Dylan. My vet friend is all out and she said I can get it on line. What kind should I get. I have to medicate one severely ill rooster who is a big boy, 14 standard LF chickens, and 2 wee little bantams.
Do you even know what is causing it because those sysmptoms can be a lot of things. How long has it been going on and the head shaking - is it just shaking the snot out or is it more like stargazing. How long after you got the turkeys did it start and do you have the turkeys in with the chickens?

It could have nothing to do with the turkeys and you might have tracked something in on your shoes from the place you bought the turkeys if you didn't change shoes before entering your coop.

Possibilities that show these symptoms:

Acute bronchitis: half the time caused by bacterial infection - best to get a culture to see what the bacteria is.

Common cold

Newcastle disease - all of those symptoms listed plus stargazing and drooping wings/paralysis- incubation period is 4-6 days

Infectious Bronchitis Virus - respiratory distress -highly contagious viral disease (antibiotics won't help) - incubation 24-72hours - can be fatal

Infectious Laryngotracheitis - Hard swallowing, ruffled feathers on neck, watery eyes, coughing and extension of neck, incubation 3-14days - possible death from suffocation. Antibiotics have no effect.
And I think your friend means Tylan which is an antibiotic and can help if its a bacterial bronchitis:


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I had the Turkeys 3 Weeks and they are having the same issues. I was told its a respiratory infection and to treat it with Tylan 50. That's all I know
The disease will eventually build resistance to the tylan. Then you'll have to use another more powerful antibiotic such as baytril. Baytril is the end of the line, there isnt anything more potent. So, you'll be right back to square one with sick birds. All during this you'll have to observe withdrawal times from the antibiotics, not to mention possible organ failure. It's a quality of life issue. If you decide to let your sick birds suffer, that's up to you.
Culling, imo, is a last resort decision - however, aside from the quality of life for your birds you have to consider if you are putting your OWN health at risk. Sounds like your birds are pretty sick. I've never had sick chickens before however, I recently got some new chicks that I believe all have Fowl Pox. But, in the process of considering what it was and what to do about it - I thought . . can I catch this ? if I medicate - can I still eat the eggs (because the babies are in the same area as my older, laying hens) ? ? Just sharing a thought. I, of course, hope that it all works out and everyone recovers to be healthy and happy

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