My experience with Ideal Poultry


5 Years
Apr 19, 2016
New York
Hey all! I just ordered from Ideal Poultry and got some new chicks and keets about a week ago, and I just wanted to say they did a very good job with the whole thing - I will update (if I remember lol!) when I see if they sexed them right. I only had to get $25 worth of poultry, and that was the lowest minimum I could find in a hatchery apart from one other hatchery whose shipping was too high. I asked for no roos as packing peanuts, and they didn't charge me any more for that; they just put some extra straw in and all of the little guys - I mean, girls arrived safe and lively. I only had one problem: one chick had very badly curled toes, but that was easily fixed with some bandaids and cardboard. So overall I'm very happy with them!

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