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  1. This is my fav pudding. As I sit down with a bowl now I figure I should share it. It's easy peasy to make for anyone who is cooking challenged as it uses instant pudding.... Go make some, it's yummy in my tummy!

    Jenna's Puddin' Suprise

    2 boxes instant vanilla pudding
    2 cups cool whip any kind
    1 can of mandarin oranges drained
    2 bananas, sliced.

    Make the two boxes pudding, usually it's 2 cups of milk per box. Let sit for a couple of minutes to start to firm up. Add in slices bananas, oranges, and cool whip. Mix well but don't beat, you'll break the fruit! It should be a light cream color with the occasional visible white swirl of cool whip. Pour into dessert cups or just leave it in the bowl and refridgerate for at least an hour.
    Eat it all up (try to share!) and enjoy the smoothness running down your throat [​IMG] You can cut the recipe in half if two boxes is too much.

    I have also done this and mixed in some mini mashmellows, either plain or the rainbow ones...

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    That sounds pretty good. Have you ever tried Sunshine salad? It's real similar, but you use lemon pudding instead...can't remember if you mix the cool whip in, or just serve it on top. I used to work in the salad bar area of a grocery store-there was just something about those big cans of pudding that they got, that tastes better then the boxed stuff...should have asked if I could buy a can [​IMG]
  3. Nope, never heard of sunshine salad... I'll have to look it up.
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    I think I will try that using the sugar-free instant puddding and s-f CW. I think my husband will really like it and it will be a new sugar-free desseert for him. Thanks!
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    Thanks for sharing, that sounds great! Can't wait to try it. [​IMG]

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