My favorite turkey girl!


8 Years
Jun 28, 2011
North Central Oklahoma
I took a seat in the yard today on a log by our fire pit to watch our little birds first day roaming in the yard and turkey jumped up beside me and laid down. I noticed today that her eyes, which have been blue all along, today one of them is totally brown and the other is literally half brown and half blue straight up and down through the middle of the eye. I'm guessing her eyes are changing color? I didn't know they would do that.

Some of my last years BBW had that. One or both eyes would be half blue, and one of my toms had one blue and one brown eye. We called him Mr. Blue and he was a beautiful boy. I had never seen this either in all my years and neither had my mother, but it is pretty cool to see. I currently have two hens from the same batch and although they have brown eyes I'm planning to breed them and am hoping for some of the blue eyes to show up. One of them is flirting with the idea of being broody right now, so I better either hurry or get some eggs.

Love the photo! Turkeys are by far my favorite poulty. I like to sit on one of the garden benches and Ava and Gracie will come sit beside me. They lay their heads on my legs and let me play with their caruncles and lightly scratch them. Those are my girls.

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