My Feeding Contraption/Solution.

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    Feb 23, 2010
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    After looking around and researching, I decided to build a PVC feeder. Home Depot sells 4" pipe in 2' sections and in 10' sections, so I got 10'. I had them cut it in half at the store to make my life easier transporting it.

    Part of my goal was to be able to fill the feed from outside the run. To accomplish this I decided to angle the pipe so it "rests" on the top of the door. I bought two end caps, a 90 degree elbow joint, and two 7 inch lag bolts w/ 2 washers each.

    1x 10' x 4" pipe ($14)
    1x 90 deg elbow ($4)
    2x end caps ($7/ea) ridiculous)
    2x 7" lag bolts w/ washers ($2/ea)

    cost: about $40 out the door.

    I used an old miter saw to cut the PVC; it seemed to work pretty well. The feeding section is about 16-18" long and the cutout is about 12". I drilled some small holes under the feeding section for drainage, and there is a cover above to block the rain. I used some old screws to hold the joints together. I left the joint between the 5' section and the elbow loose until I installed it so I could get the down angle on the feeder.

    Everything seems to work. I'll keep watching and making changes as need be.



    5' * 12" * 3.14(2)^2= 754 cubic inches = 3.25 gal

    I'm not sure what that is by weight. Anyone know?

    Anyway, I just wanted to share yet another feeder design.
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    perfect I need to do this for my coop...

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