My female Khaki lost her mate.


5 Years
Aug 21, 2014
I had 2 khaki ducks that were raised with my chickens. They get along quite nicely. Male duck gets a bit ornery but the chickens run away and usually hop onto a few perches we have in the run. I had one male and one female duck. They were inseperatable. Where she went, he went. The other night, somehow, something got into their coop (they have separate housing than the chickens) and my beautiful make duck was killed. I'm sure protecting his beloved. Now she is alone and the chickens are being nasty to her. I have let her out of the run during the day by herself so she is not picked on by my girls. They are horrible to her and there is no one to protect her anymore. She is so sweet and I don't know what to do. Do I separate her from the chickens completely? Do I get another make duck? I'm so heartbroken as to what to do. Please help.
Ohhh poor duck , get her a new friend so she won't feel lonely anymore , i had the same experience my female duck passed away and my drake was so depressed but now they are fine and inseparable

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