My "finished" coop.


7 Years
Feb 10, 2012
LaSalle Ontario Canada
We all know a coop is never finished. The interior will change as they grow. Still need to add roosts, nest boxes and hanging feeder. I also still want to do another coat(s) of stain outside and some trim. maybe more windows LOL

Exterior - run end. the chikcs are outside but, hidden in the grass lol

Window end.

Tall side with people door, screen door and vent

Shorter side with venting. I want a window or 2 on this side still

Interior floor temporary set up. The floor is cement with a drain for when I want to clean it out.

Interior window end. I will have 2 roosts in front of the window and 1 along one of the side walls.

Pop door end. I THINK the nesting boxes will go on the side wall just above the pop door height.

Well, that is it for now! Thanks all here on BYC for ideas and thanks to my DH for building it for me!
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Isn't just the greatest feeling to have a coop project done??...Very nice job.
Don't take this wrong, sometimes my brain is goofy, but when I gazed upon the first photo, I immediately thought of an outhouse.
I like that big window! You don't see that in an outhouse!

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