My first attempt at "tractoring"!

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    My little tractor is working out really well for my flock. This has been a really fun journey for us. Husband didn't want them...told me no for three years. Last year I told him my New Year's resolution was to get a few chickens for eggs! Well, the tractor got built with a cast on my foot, then it got set aside while I went away for five months and worked at a power house. This spring they finally came home, and when he saw them the first time, he said, "Well, I thought you were getting ugly white plain chickens! Those are awesome!" rofl Now he laughs every time the rooster crows, and is waiting as anxiously as I am for the first egg...
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    Good for you, sparkytogo!

    sometimes the spouses just don't know what's good for'em!
    Your birds are gorgeous and your tractor is awesome!

    I have a question as I am working on my outdoor set up right now. is there any kind of wire under the run part to protect the girls from predators? I do see there is chicken wire at the bottom of the coop. Do your girls have any problem walking on it, or getting their beaks stuck or anything that you have noticed?

    Great job!
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    I like your tractor. I was like your husband before we got our chickens...had no idea there were soo many different sizes and colors. My wife said we should try chickens.."hmm..ok." I built a lil tractor for them. Once they left the brooder they went to the tractor, which was in the outdoor section of my shop and always covered.. from here they went into the pen and free ranging. Here in a few minutes im gonna go out and redo some of it and use it for short outtings for the brooder babies. Ill try to post a pic of it.

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