My first auracauna , but is it full auracauna?


5 Years
Apr 21, 2014
Addison NY
this is chicken little ( no idea the gender) but it's the first one we have hatched out of the breeding pair. It's mother is full auracauna but it's father is only half. So like I said it's the first I've hatched so does it look like it's supposed to? And it does have the darker legs now, this picture was taken last week
If its father wasn't a true Araucana, then it is not a purebred Araucana, either. That being said, it does seem to closely resemble a true Araucana/Ameraucana in both color and body shape.
That's basically what I was going for, I love how the auracauna look. Especially the fluffy cheeks haha . I just wish I knew the gender, if it's a hen I can't wait to see if it will lay a colored egg. The mother lays green and the father was hatched from a blue.

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