My first baby chicks !!!!! I really need help

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9 Years
Feb 2, 2010
can anyone help me on raising my new chicks that hatched this morning at 4 am. i am new to chickens and know nothing about the chicks. when should they be pulled out of the incubater

And congrats on your new babies! I'm sure more people will chime in, but BYC has a great intro to raising chicks at and tons of very helpful folks to answer any questions! Good luck!
hope you arent planning on putting them outside anytime soon.

No i am going to wait until they are about a month or two old or do i need to wait longer
my dad used to have chickens when he was little and he said they fed them crumbled laying mash and sugar water snd they just had a reagular heat lamp over them and they turned out fine so he has setup the brooder for me
They need medicated chick starter and extra protein to help them grow. Layer won't cut it, and has more calcium that the chicks need. Sugar water dehydrates them even more, and will kill them if there's no source of fresh water. For the first week chicks need to be kept warm, 90-100 degrees. Look around the forums, there's plenty of threads on chicken care. Good luck!
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While chick starter feed is the easiest way to get them all the nutrition they need (otherwise you have to do a lot of science, math, and research to formulate your own diet), some of us will disagree that it needs to be medicated. I don't feed my animals medicated anything unless they are sick. Which is why I have to make my own chick feed, because our feed store only carries medicated...

You can get them out of the incubator and into the brooder when all are hatched and dry. When they can go outside depends on your weather and their living conditions outside.
thanks everyone yall have been very helpful and i hav another chick on the way now. I have another question to. Should i leave the chick that is out and dryed off in the incubater until another one has hatched?

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