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May 27, 2017
Eastern CAN
I have a few questions about raising my first brood!

I had the temperature steady yesterday at 95, bought five, day old chicks today and am now having a bit of a hard time keeping it steady. It fluctuates between ninety five and around eighty seven. The chicks at first did huddle under the light, but now they seem spread out a bit. Everyone is drinking and eating and not chirping, and I have Stress Aid in their water. They seem fine. I'm very excited! They're amazing. I just want to do everything right! To keep the temp up I have half the brooder covered, and two sixty watt bulbs over them. The house temp is 78. Any tips?


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It's is super fun caring for chicks! And also requires a lot of work! You seem to have everything you need! Good luck!
Your chicks look happy and healthy! Where did you get them?
I've started our first flock in the garage. I'm not super paranoid about the temps. I was trying to keep it above 95°F for the first week, but fiddling with the bulb position is not a precise science. I started watching the chicks. Panting means too much and huddled meant not enough. Lamp on one end of a long box and they will move from one end to the other. Really scared me when they were at the far end and several were panting. Too much heat! They are 2 weeks old, active, growing oh-so-fast (we have wing feathers!) and doing well at 80°F - outside temp and rising to 90°F. Welcome to Houston!

I'm not an expert, but I'm pretty sure the chicks will tell you. Our outside temp swings maybe 10°F, if we are lucky. And if we are really lucky, the humidity falls.

Best of luck and cheers!
Got the temp at a solid ninety and the chicks are happy campers. They do sleep under the lights in a pile but I think its more of a comfort thing as they sleep in different spots too, and run around all over full tilt sometimes. I love how they each have different personalities! I'll need help naming them!

There are two that are identical that are very outgoing. They will run up to me when I walk in, and bolt over to peck my hands when I stick my hands in their box. They squared off with my phone today when I took pictures of them too.

The others are a bit more shy, and one, my blue silkie/cochin mix,is very shy. She doesn't run around as much as the others, but eats and drinks regularly so I'm not too worried.

Pffft look at me assuming genders. I REALLY hope two of them are girls, because the roos are going in the freezer :( My little Partridge girl and my Blue girl I PRAY are actually girls, the others I will just hope. I have a feeling one of my black fellas are boys as it's already showing "rooster" flashiness lol! Pictures coming soon!

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