My first broody hatch!


9 Years
Jun 26, 2010
Upstate New York
My broody Australorp has been so patient on her nest and today is hatching day! I saw that one egg has pipped already. So exciting! This is our first hatch so wish us luck ... I hope we have some healthly new babies in the next day or so ...

This must be the year for Australorps to go broody
Ours hatched in April. She was such a dedicated broody and pretty good mom til she decided at 4 weeks enough of being a mom. So the 3 I have left ( rehomed 4 roos) are in the house with the rest of my babies.
So far we've got one baby!

This is her second time going broody - but the first time was in January and I didn't want to try this in such cold weather since it was our first time ever. I "broke" her broodiness using a rabbit hutch and it worked great - plus we had something of a *bonding experience* because she spent 4 days in our garage and I got to give her some special attention! She is now one of my friendliest hens (she's always been my favorite anyway!).

She let me take the eggs from her twice to candle them without getting upset ... but when I tried to see if the chick was doing well (since I could see the empty eggshell), boy, she didn't want me poking around! She kept snapping at me as I was trying to lift her a bit and then this fluffy yellow chick poked out its head! So adorable.

The chicks aren't "hers" ... we don't have a rooster so when she went broody again, I got some fertilized eggs from a friend. What fun! Hoping for some more ...
Well, I can't tell for sure but I think there are at least 4 chicks! Broody won't get up to let me get a good look and she is in a rabbit cage so it is kind of awkward for me to reach inside. Hopefully tomorrow morning I can get a better look.

Question: she is sitting on all of the chicks. They are keeping warm I'm sure, but can they breathe well under there? I'm not hearing any peeping which I hope means that they are all content.

Wow - it is really a wonder to see a mama hen and her babies. I am so glad that we got the chance to do this! My whole family was in awe when they got home from school and work and I showed them!

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