My first chicken tractor

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  1. It's still incomplete (needs paint, needs a roof over the run part, needs wheels under the coop part) but I'm eager to post pics! The run is 4x4, 3 feet tall (it originally butted against a doghouse and needed clearance for the door). Between run and coop, there is a pop door which slides upward in tracks, pulled by a rope in a hole drilled into the door. The coop is 2x4, with a sloped roof that can be lifted in two sections. The narrow roof section is over two nest boxes, and the larger roof section is over the main coop area. It was made mostly with scrap sections of lumber and plywood that were left over from other projects.

    We've also constructed a second tractor, but I don't have pictures of it yet. Will post them later!

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    [​IMG] Good job! Looks like your silkies sure like it!

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