My first chicken tractor...


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Apr 25, 2009
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Hey guys...I have wanted to make a chicken tractor for a long time and I finally broke down and made one with some scrap materials. It is about 3x9 in size.


Back view, with access hatch for nest box:


They found the nest


I have it sitting in my garden, where they are taking care of some grass that popped up after a recent tilling...those fences the coop is sitting between is where we plant string beans...

I've been wanting to make a chicken tractor, but I haven't done it yet. I love your tractor, I may "steal" your design! Good job!

I admire your setup, really nice garden!
Is that a daytime tractor, or do you plan to leave chickens in there overnight? If it's for night time security, I strongly agree with the other poster about reinforcement with something that has smaller openings. Right now, your chickens are very vulnerable to "reach through predation," and raccoons with their grabby paws are more likely to be around at night.

The other issue is vulnerability to digging predators. You can build a welded wire apron to go on the ground, attached to the baseboards, and hinged so you can flip them up when you want to move the tractor. I anchor the four corners of our tractor's aprons with bricks.
Nice tractor, scrambledG!! Trying to get poop for the garden, eh? Or should I say, garden food? Good looking and very easy to whip together! How do the birds like it?

Where is my southern hospitality?! ScrambledGreg,
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This is why I've been working myself stupidly hard on my "super" coop, instead of doing these tractor things (the land owner's off in hawaii for a few weeks so I'm doing what I think is best - we can mess with these tractor things when he's back). His coop, the one he built, is effectively right under the window of the room he sleeps in. My coop is parallel with my trailer here and not all *that* much smaller (16' vs. 25') the "chicken tractors" are supposed to be out in the field we grow corn in, not near us and in prime raccoon territory. I've battled, literally, raccoons out there at night before.

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