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    When I took over the family farm a couple years ago my intent was, and is, to make it once again a productive enterprise, there's not too much of it left, a bit over 7 acres, maybe 2 1/2 are clear and the rest are woods. Everything needs some work and I keep at it in hopes that another generation can see the amount of food just a few acres can give.
    Some neighbor at some point had a few chickens, I don't know which one, they tired of them and released them to be "Free range", i.e. quit feeding and taking care of them. There were two survivors, a little black one, Bantam maybe? And a Barred Rock. They roamed the area and began hanging out near our house probably because another neighbor had a few ducks which they also didn't take care of. All these fowl took up residence in our yard because, in truth we took more care of them than the "Owners". The two chickens did their thing for many months coming and going as they pleased. One morning I noticed that the Barred Rock, Charlene, was alone. The Bantam never returned.
    As of that day, Charlene began roosting on our porch, coming near sunset leaving near dawn. We leave the light on for her and the last surviving duck who also resides on our porch now. It can be annoying to clean the poop away, but they have no one else to care for them. We have taught our dogs not to bother them, our Plott Hound, Jack, loves to sniff Charlene while she roosts and appears to be very amused when she pecks his snout, the cat ignores her and she ignores him. Jack is very new to us but when he heard the chicken and the duck give out some warning cries after dark one night he showed his colors and bolted for the door. I opened it and he ran into the yard past the fowl and began baying his head off to warn away whatever had been there.He came back sniffed the duck, then sniffed Charlene (Yup, she pecked him) and came back inside.
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    Welcome to BYC. One is a start. Be careful these creatures are addictive. [​IMG]
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    Well at least Charlene and duck have a better chance than her bantam friend now that Jack and you all are looking out for her. You could put some cardboard under the roost to catch the poop. Maybe if you provided some straw, the duck will decide to sleep and poop their.
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    Awwwww, I love hearing how different animals get along! That's great! Welcome to BYC, so glad you joined us!

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