my first coop and run

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Jul 27, 2008
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this is the first coop and run i gave ever builted.

coop is 8' long by 3' wide and 4' tall with a 1' drop from front to back with 6 nest boxs in the back. the run is 8' by 8' and 6' tall plus the space under the coop that they can go under. The hole thing cost me about $100.00 to make as i got most of the stuff for it from work and job sites. I let my wife do the painting (got paint at lowes for $5.00 a gal. for 2 gal. that some one put back after it was mixed)
very nice!!...i think you did a great job!..i also like the way the run is built...and how they can go under t he saves space!...i'll have to show my husband the pic to see if he can build something like that for our next coop...thanks for the picture..Wendy
thanks guys and gals

redoak the 2 doors on the back are the doors to the nest boxs and there is a large door on the side by my son.
that is an awesome lil coop! you guys painted it and all too. your dimensions sound huge, but it looks pretty compact in the pictures. your hens must be happy. how many do you have??? we just finished up our coop/run today (for the most part)... still got the little tightening up stuff to do. hopefully i'll get some pics posted soon... it was my first one too, and its a pretty exciting feeling. congratulations again!
Wow! You did a really nice job on that run and the coop. It really looks good. I see the chickens are enjoying it.

I can't see the sides of the coop in your pictures. Did you add ventilation holes there? I didn't notice any on the front or back. If you didn't add any, you might want to think about dong that. Other than that, you look all set!

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