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    YIPPIE!!! Nice med sized cream/tan egg. Did a great store bought egg...and MY egg. the difference in the pan was cool...yolk color and viscosity of the yolk. Taste...obviously different....yum! Texture was also different, this kinda surprised egg...runny and thin. MY egg...had substance :), question (surprise) you guys WASH your eggs as soon as you take them from the nesting box?

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    No, I don't wash my eggs. When the egg is laid by the hen, she puts a protective covering (called a bloom) over the egg to keep bacteria out. When you wash the eggs, you are taking that protection away and at that point they must be refrigerated. An unwashed egg will keep much longer, and doesn't need to be refrigerated. (though you can if you want)
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    The ONLY time I wash an egg is when my one weird pullet lays from the roost and it lands somewhere yucky. ;) Otherwise I let the bloom do it's job.

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