my first eggs and broody hen, questions

Discussion in 'Quail' started by chknlitl, Jun 11, 2010.

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    My cortinix hen laid her first eggs. Yesterday had one and today a second. Ive heard quail wont go broody in captivity especially cortinix. At first i wwanted to pull the egg but i deceided since it was her first i would leave it with her. I went to check on her today and she was sitting on the egg. When she got up she had a second egg. I didnt want to disturb her too much and left her alone. How long will it take if the eggs are going to hatch? Isnt this rare? Also when the hen got up the roo plopped on the eggs. Is this normal for quail? If they hatch do i leave the biddies with the adults?
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    Well, if she just laid an egg, she is probably not broody.
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    Quote:Yeah I dont mean to rain on your parade, but sometimes they do that, my bobs kept fooling me as the female and male would sit on the eggs for one whole day, they would even attacked me if I wsas tryiong to collect the eggs, but the next day they would just forget about the eggs completly, they did that countless times.
    But hopefully yours really are broody!

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