My first Eggs


7 Years
Nov 19, 2012
Fernley, Nevada
I recently bought 6 pullets (born in March/April) 3 Buff Rocks and 3 Iowa Blues. One of the Iowa Blues started laying almost immediately (3 eggs) and today I found 3 additional eggs in the nest box this time. I'm thinking two others are laying now.
Congrats on your first half dozen eggs! Sounds like your girls are getting up to speed nicely and you will soon be over run with eggs. Neat that you have Iowa Blues, do you know where yours came from? How do you like them? They are on my list of breeds to try next year from Sand Hill hopefully.
Hi, I bought them from a woman in Reno Nevada......She has different varieties of chickens......I bought 3 Iowa blues and 3 Buff Rocks. The Iowa blues started laying eggs first. I don't think the Buff Rocks have laid eggs yet. I wouldn't have known which laid first but I was watching them and noticed the Iowa was laying in a corner of the coop and when she stood up there was an egg.

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