My First Hatch; 20/24 Ducklings So Far...


May 19, 2020
I just celebrated my first hatch! I put in 24 duck eggs (Rouen x Cayuga, Rouen x Welsh Harlequin, Rouen x Khaki Campbell) and 10 days in I pulled dud egg out. 23 eggs made it to lockdown Wednesday evening, and they started hatching Friday morning. I just opened the incubator this morning and pulled out 20 ducklings. There are 3 more eggs I left in the incubator, I assume I should wait at least a day or two before giving up on last 3?
I’ve heard a 50% hatch rate is optimal so I’m very proud of my first hatch. They were my own fertile eggs, not shipped. I collected and stored them about 5-10 days before putting into incubator.

also I can which ducklings are Cayuga mixed with Rouen but I can NOT differentiate between the Welsh Harlequin mixed with Rouen and the Khaki Campbell mixed with Rouen.

some of the ducklings have wing bands and some have spots is that a way to tell the breed apart or the sex?


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