My First Hatch! My First Pip at Day 19!


10 Years
Feb 10, 2011
Bogalusa, LA
Now I am just waiting for the appearance of the culprit. It is killing me to stand by and wait...I've been staring through that little glass window all day.
Nose prints. I totally understand!

Just be warned, it may take 24 hours after first pip. Don't freak out about that. Don't open the 'bator! Find a good book, or go to Starbucks for coffee for a while. With that good book. Otherwise your chiropractor will make money off you when you spend forever bent over that way....
I'll have to wear one of those neck braces It is an egg from a batch of frizzle/sizzle/silkies...i'm dying!!!!!! Wanna see fuzzy butts!!! I'll have to be commited by the time all 26 hatch.
6 pips!!!!! it's those sassy little silkie/frizzle/sizzle eggs and my bantam eggs. They are going first. Only one standard egg is pipping.

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