My first hawk encounter!

Be careful what you say and what you imply in an open forum like this. Some things are best left unsaid. I strongly suggest everyone read the sticky in the index for the predators and pests section of the forum.

It is generally illegal to harm or kill most birds. You can in certain cases with the proper permit "take care of that bird". Without the permit you are asking for trouble when you post on open forum.
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Sounds like you had quite a scare. At least your birds were lucky and you saved the day. I have found that our chickens were much more aware after an incident such as this.

We have a dog and she has learned to look out for hawks. It is pretty funny to watch her. She sounds the alarm and starts chasing it, even though the hawk is way up high in the sky. Any one of our animals sounds the alarm and everyone of us (critters and humans) looks up for a hawk. We all have learned that the crows are our friends, because they harrass the hawks and at least we know there is a hawk, because of the rucus the crows make.

We had a hawk take a chick out of a small x pen we had in the yard. Momma hen was in the pen with the chicks. Our son witnessed it. That hen has been super alert since then. She has babies now and boy is she watchfull and her babies mind when she sounds the alarm!!!

And what dacjohns said, be carefull what you post! Or how you phrase it!!
Sorry about the comment made in the post, I was just upset about the incident.
We do have a permit and I probably should have mentioned that.
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