My first incubation...egg's are in Day 1 WHAT DO I DO NOW?????????????


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Well i bought a digital thermom/hygromitor in walmart today. It's now reading 43% humidity at 99'F... inside my LG bator with fan kit. Tho my stock thermom. that came with the bator is reading 102'F. Which one do i trust??? Do i need to get a third digital one??? Also, what is the best way to raise my humidity when i need to? Eggs will be going in on wednesday.

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here we go again.. the old thermometer go round..
at this point neither is superior..

you have to calibrate or compare them to one that you know is right on..

you could add another one to the mix, or a hundred won't prove a thing until you have a true reading.....

Or you can pick one and fly with it and see how your hatch comes out..

do not try to use both and take the average..that will not work..

since you already bought the digital, and knowing the past record with the ones that come with the bator.. I would go with the digital.... whichever one you choose, you have to trust it 100%..

Now, go ye forth and hatch...
here'swhat you do..

stick your therm into a cup of ice water.. It should read 32F or real close to it..

put 1/2 cup of salt into a cup and add about 1/4 cup of water.. just enough to make a soupy paste. put the cup of salt along with your hydrometer into a large (1 quart size) or so plastic bag and seal it up tight.. let it set for about 8 hours or more and then take a reading.. it should read 75% humidity..

If it reads less, you will have to add the difference in your future readings... if it reads higher, you will have to subtract the difference in your future readings..
Hey, hey, hey! You are GREAT!

Do you know how much a salt kits to test a hygrometer costs?

I will tell you! $50! And you just told us how to make one basically for FREE!


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