My first multi egg day and an oyster shell question.

Baymen Moe

12 Years
Jan 17, 2009
Pembroke, Ma.
One or two of my hens started laying last week, I got 5 eggs for 7 days. Today I got my first 2 egg day. I have 15 hens.

The eggs are very durable, nice hard shells. Should I have oyster shell on hand for my girls?

YES! Free-choice oyster shells, all the time! Congrats on your eggs - doesn't it just make your day?
If you're feeding an egg lay feed you probably dont need to add anything. They mix extra calcium into the feed.

if its just a general chicken maintainer pellet or home made mash, or just scraps you should offer oyster shells.

Its normal to have days when no one, or not everyone is laying. Doesnt mean theyre low on calcium. Every hen needs a day off. Some more than others.
You most definitely need to provide oyster shell; they will eat what they need, and most layer feed (unfortuantley) do not have enough calcium in them. Enjoy your girls!

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