my first ringnecks...kinda having trouble

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  1. DITB

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    Jun 7, 2008
    i went looking a a local area where people get together and sell livestock looking for pigeons....they had none but i did find some banged up ringneck pheasants....i love pheasants so i could not resist plus they were fighting each other and i thought id try to "rescue" a couple...unfortunantly thats all i could afford...and good thing i stuck with only 1 pair!...i paid $40 for the pair...i have never saw them efor sale(not paid attention) so i dont know if thats a reasonable price of not...anyways on to my problems
    the male when i got him has a scabbed over cut/scrap on the top of i beak i didnt really think much of it since it looked like it would heal soon....i get them home and then i realise the enclosure i had planned for them sooooo wont work for pheasant...he starts flying into the chicken wire and tore the scab off and got himself to bleeding...i have since put honey on his wound and i havent noticed it bleeding since i have also put sheets over all the sides of the enclosure except the front and he hasnt been flying into the wire as much...i am in the middle of building them better housing but it will be atleast a week until its finished [​IMG] is the cut on his nose anything to be very concerned about? is there anything besides honey i should do for it? here is a photo of the 2 birds and there current setup

    oo..does anyone know what kind of ringneck they are? when i look up "normal ringneck" i get all kinds of varieties lol
  2. silkymom

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    Nov 20, 2009
    i would get the honey off of him , its gonna bring flys and dirt to his wound, wash it off and use blue kote or som neosporin ointment, then it should heal,
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    Make sure the neosporin does not have pain medicine in it, anything with 'caine' in the name will kill birds.
  4. ranit

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    Apr 14, 2010
    Ringneck pheasants are very flighty birds. Keeping the pen covered will help until you can get a bigger pen built. You will want to use netting on the top of the new pen instead of chicken wire as this gives with the bird when they fly into it which they will do anytime they are startled.

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