my first set of eggs from the mail


10 Years
Apr 28, 2009
Mackville, Kentucky
I got two different orders of eggs in the mail. The first was from PA, it was 13 cuckoo marans with two araucanna extras. They werent very dark, I hope they are actually cuckoos. The second bunch was from TN. They were some I won in an auction on here. There was a total of 9 bantam bbs orpingtons. All of these eggs seemed to be in good shape and the packaging was done very well. My question is what would the expected hatch rate be? As far as the marans, the eggs didnt seem to be as dark as I would have expected, is this something to be concerned about? I guess all will be revealed in 22 days.
What has your hatch been with your own eggs in that incubator? Just wondering.
I actually have a co worker that hatches them. He hatches several thousand eggs a year, mostly quail. The incubator is on my want list, just cant afford one right now.
Hope you have a good hatch. Mailed eggs are risky, I have had good and bad hatches. Just make sure to let them rest! I have read that the older the Maran hens get, the lighter their shells can become although I am no Maran expert. Hope that helps!
I have shipped eggs in my 'bator right now...first batch was 0% - they got dropped (or thrown) during shipping, all had detached air cells...out of this batch, I started with 16, and after candling about 30 minutes ago, am down to 7. I'm on day #14. Good luck to you. (btw, I've heard the same thing about the maran eggs).
i have black copper Marans eggs that arrived yesterday morning one breeders eggs were lighter than i expected the others were big chocolate bar color just the breeder and at what point in the egg cycle the hen is in. 7 went under a broody hen 5 went in the incubator last night good luck! we will be hatching around the same time.

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