My first squat! But from a LB?

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8 Years
Apr 10, 2011
Upstate New York
I just got my very first squat from my 19-week old flock!

What surprises me is that it came not from one of the three Barred Rocks whose wattles and combs are huge and red, but from one of my Light Brahmas, who, by all reports, I wasn't expecting to have lay for some weeks yet. Aren't they late layers? I was so sure one of my Barred Rocks or one of my Production Reds would produce my first egg.

Anyway, go Alexia! She was so into me scratching her back (and she has always run from me in terror up to now), she was so flat to the ground and her butt was so high up in the air, I felt bad I couldn't do more for her. I guess my poor roosterless hens will have a lifetime of celibacy. Sorry, girls.
I know the feeling. I have leghorns and dominiques. The doms started squatting weeks ago and are super chatty, but the leghorns with bright red fully developed combs and wattles have never squatted. I fear they never will!

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