My first time incubating and there's pipping!!


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Hello, I just have a few questions. I have been reading up on this site for about a year now, but haven't ever actually posted or signed up as a member until recently

Anyways, I am on my first batch of eggs ever and it has been killing me! Went in to lockdown on Monday and had nothing until today! This morning, sometime between 5-7, two started pipping, and another one just started pipping now! I don't know if I am supposed to be seeing rocking or hearing cheeping or pipping, but I am hearing/seeing nothing except for the little pip holes they started. Oh! And from what I have seen, they all pip from the side where the air sac is, the big side....well my latest pipper is pipping from the narrower side of the egg. Does this mean he is doomed? I hope not...
Anyways, here's a pic of the upside down chick's egg

And, is it a bad sign that it took until day 21 to start pipping? At least from what I have read on here, most people have pipping on day 18, or is it just that day 18 is early, or did I have the temperature too low?
It was sitting at about 101 or so, it is a still air incubator, Hovabator 1602n, auto egg turner...and humidity was at 45 until lockdown where I raised it and it is now at around 68. Is that too high? I have read a ton of different info saying different stuff so I don't know.
Anyways, thanks in advance for help!
Seems like you are doing GREAT! If you have pipping just leave them alone. Not all start or hatch when they are supposed to. I am on day 20 and mine just started too. Exciting, isn't it? Best of luck and let us know how your hatch turns ot.
Welcome to the wonderful world of hatching. I am a newbie too, but pipping on day 21 is right on schedule. Lockdown is day 18 and some folks have over achiever chicks that just have to start thing early. That is the exception. As for the pip at the smal end of the egg, I havne't had that happen yet so I hope that someone with more experience will help you with that.

and welcome:welcome

Sounds like you are right on track !!!
You should have little fluffy butts soon!!! I know it is hard to be patient, just sit on those hands.....they will hatch!

Don't worry about the 1 hatching from the smaller end, sometimes that happens!

Good luck and keep us posted!!! HAPPY HATCHING!
Ah! It is super exciting!! Thanks for all the welcomes, and for helping me out. I feel a ton better knowing that things are going ok hatching on day 21 and that oddballs sometimes hatch upside down
AND I just heard tiny peeps and saw him rock in his egg too! So that makes me very excited
This sitting on your hands business is super hard! Haha
I shall definitely keep you all posted with pictures, when I can!
And good luck to your hatch as well, Luvducks! What are you hatching?
Mine are muttchicks, mostly banties, and a few LF. The lady I got the incubator from gave me the eggs to practice with. She had never opened the incubator, so it was brand new
absolutly fantastic..that first eggie looks like its pipping on the bottom of the it just me? but dont worry about it..if they made it to the pip then they will most likley make it..they rest for a bit after that. great jov what incubator are you looks like an LG.
Im in the same boat, day 19, and finally one started pipping and I can hear cheeping! I am doomed. Im already planning my next hatch.
I know just how you feel. It's soooooooo hard to sit and just watch. I had my first hatch about a month ago. They people here at BYC are super and such a great help for us newbies. Just wait, soon you will be passing on what you have learned here to others. GOOD LUCK! Fluffy butts are coming!
Haha I am planning my next hatch already too! Eggs are being shipped to me on Monday yaaay!
And yes he is upside down! I was afraid he was doomed but I have been reassured that this does happen sometimes

I have a still air Hovabator 1602n with an auto egg turner. Would love to get a brinsea someday...I have been scouring craigslist for one!

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