My first two chickens!


5 Years
Mar 10, 2014
Smithfield Ohio
Hi all! I am loving this site. Here is a pick if my first two chickens....which I am hoping are hens.
[/IMG][/IMG]. These two were quite unexpected, I have 4 new chicks coming the week of May 12th. I hope to have a coop built for these two before the babies get here so I can get them out of the garage. I don't know why I waited so long to get some chickens. I am having a blast watching them and caring for them. Even my husband who was quite against it at first is loving our "girls". Glad I found this site and it's wealth of information!
Welcome to BYC!

Your babies are adorable!!!
I am not seeing any signs of roo yet. How old are they? Judging from their sizes, I would think that a roo would start to show a bigger comb or wattles. Compare legs. Roos are going to have tree trunks for legs at this age.

BUT....all this being said, you might want to post these pics in our What Gender section for more feedback. :)....

Good luck with these beautiful babies!! I am hoping you have two pullets there! :)

Oh and welcome to our flock!
Oh sorry, I posted the question before I read your post! Again I'm not sure how old. I was told 2-3 months. Thank for the welcome and the comments!
Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! What cute chicks! TwoCrows gave you the link to post them in, Hope :fl they are both girls for you.
Thanks all! I posted the pictures on the other link and it seems I have girls!!! Now just keeping my fingers crossed for the 4 chicks coming in May!! I can't wait.

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