My Flock Preparing For Winter


7 Years
Feb 9, 2012
My Coop
My Coop

Already Covered Up The Coop w/ plywood so my cockerels and pullets stay warm and cold wind doesn't get to them but they still have the front to get some air inside and gave them warm water to keep them warm how is your flock preparing for winter post some pictures and let's see
My climate is hot and humid, so the main concern is to keep them cool, but we do have winter here, about a week.
Seriously, we do get cold weather just like you, you have scorching heat to deal with and yet, you do get winter cold. I just staple up opened feed sacks over the hardware cloth to keep the drafts off them. If the water freezes, I pour hot water in the waterer and that helps. My coop is hardware cloth one foot tall all the way around at the bottom of the coop. I don't close that off in the winter, and my girls do just fine.
My flock is almost ready with all new feathers. They all decided to molt at once. Everyone should have all new feathers by the time the cold weather arrives in January.

I don't do anything in winter except put a bird bath heater in the water supply for them.


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