My Free Ranging Flock is straying too far away ... can't see how to contain them ??


7 Years
Jun 17, 2015
Haskell TX
So, I love on an acre and like to allow my flock to free range, however, they have began to stray too far. When they were younger they stayed close to the coop but now at nine months old they have began to move farther and farther away ... the last time they were allowed to free range they were all under my neighbor's car port. This is just not acceptable to me or my neighbor ... but I'd really like to allow them out some ...

I'm thinking that if they were allowed out at a closer time to dark and time to go to roost that may be my only alternative. I can't imagine any way to keep them closer.


In the Brooder
6 Years
May 17, 2013
Butler county, PA
Free range for just 2-3 hours before dark is the best solution I've found, they don't want to go very far from home at that time. Far too many predators here (especially hawks) to free range them all the time anyway

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