my future big dog...which breed (corso, am-bull, great dane)


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alot of "bandoge" type breeding setups and people using them as guard dogs...

I've been breeding Bandogges for 10 years now, because my favorite class of k9's are the molossers and the bull breeds it was a natural progression for me:cool:

It's been an incredible labor of love but I'm VERY proud of some of the dogs that have come out of my program... unfortunately the hardest part is finding suitable homes. The last private guard dog company near me closed several years ago due to being unable to afford their liability insurance, I supplied a lot of dogs to them. The "niche" for these types of dogs is very small and 75%of those who are interested in them have no business owning a budgie let alone a Bandogge.​


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That's great! Doubly great that she has experience with what you are dealing with. hopefully she has a wide breed experience too. Too many service dogs trainers have only trained limited breeds and limited tasks. The psychiatric service dog is a very different and fairly new area. Check out Sue Alexander at Dogs In The Park in Canada. She's great.


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Thought I'd jump back in.

With my dogs I haven't had a problem with aggression among each other or with other dogs, as long as aggression isn't brought on by another dog. They've never fought, or attacked eachother and the only thing they've done when confronted by a strange dogs was to growl or bark. That being said, an aggressive stray probably wouldn't have a chance if it found it's way into my yard. I do have dogs that have entered and either ran off or they decoded they were ok and allowed them in as long as they don't go near the areas they aren't allowed themselves. Then they will run them to another part of the yard.

I also have a young GSD. She was given to us after my husband died. I really didn't want her, but saw the second choice of placement, so she's here. Being so close to my husband's death I couldn't work with her like I have the others. This has and is still being remedied. She did kill a young pullet, because she was playing with it and got to excited. We have chickens that wnder the neighborhood. There's a momma and now 2 chicks, down from the 8 she started with. These birds have realized that the dogs aren't going to bother them when they come into my front yard. They also have dealt great with my Toy Poodles, that I have also lost the past year. But the Poodles ran the Corsi. Kind of funny to watch those big lugs trying to avoid a 4 lbs runt.

They are very hard headed, but most breeds concidered Power Dogs, are. I would never place one as a first dog or with someone who has not dealt with another large, strong breed. They have to be worked and yes, socialized, socialized, socialized. I put socialization way up at the top. Obedience is a given. These are very large dogs. Still irks me when a small dog isn't trained. People think because of size that they are so much diferent and end up with nippy, aggressive little monsters. Maybe the fact that a lot of small breeds were actually bred as guards just doesn't sink in.

I'm also agoraphobic. It much worse since my husband died. He helped me a lot and actually got me leaving the house, but I don't do that much. I rarely even go to a bigger feedstore which is close to my house, and has cheaper feed, because I'd rather to to the smaller one and pay a little more. Went there a lot with my husband, so it's a little easier. I narely make it through a checkout without starting up a panic attack. Only way I used to get through it before was when I would call my husband and he would talk me through shopping alone and all the way up until the groceries were in the car and then be waiting for me on the front porch. I'd like to take my dogs with me, but except pet supplies, feed stores or places like Lowes, I don't. Then again I don't go many other places. I shop at night or early morning too.

I don't live in the country but it was our goal, just for me. We were just starting escrow on a house that we were having second thoughts about, since we really only want to move one more time and stay put. We moved to a very rough neighborhood, so without him here to watch over us, I'm so thankful for my dogs, especially my Isis. No one walks into my yard these days. I've had her and the GSD, Dusty out front a lot. Before I did that, few people knew I even had one dog. I've always liked the element of surprise, but lately I just want people to stay clear. Little do they know, that my dogs are friendly and would only go into protect mode if they caused it.

I've always thought I'd have a Rottie at all times and I will again, but there's something about a Corso that you just fall in love with. Like I mentioned before, Rotties and Corsi are very similar. Matter of fact I have friends that love Isis, because she reminds them of Zarra, my first Rottie. Same personalities.


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I love, love, love my American bulldogs! Research is the key, you have to find a good breeder and do your homework. these aren't for everyone! they are stubborn, and the first 2 years they can be a pain in the butt! I've had them for 9 years, and loved them all, but I did have trouble with a 5 month old male and he had to be euthinized and that was awful! I felt like a failure, and crazy as it seems I still miss him! he was super smart and loyal, but unpredictable and aggressive at times! As for the other breeds, Danes have some health issues to avoid, I love Rotts, my cousin has had 2 now and they are great. As for the other breeds I've not had much experiance. Good luck with your quest and remember research, ask lots of questions, check out local shows, and keep an open mind!


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I have trained, lived with and handled all of the breeds that you have mentioned. They all have great points to them. After reading and re-reading exactly what you are looking for in a dog, I think you would be thrilled with a Cane Corso. They are sweet natured, calm dogs, but they can be protective of their people and their home when they need to be. They need a lot of socialization and training as youngsters, but IMO any puppy does to be the very best dog it can be as an adult.


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My corso were a bit more hard headed because I was looking for high drive dogs for protection sports, and to prove many in the working community that the corso were very capable of doing the work. I tried many different types of training with my CC and regular Personal Protection was what they did best. My boy was so intuned to me, that I didn't need to say anything to him half the time. He was the best dog ever.

One of my older cc girls...

Bruna, she's pushing 12 now, which is up there for a cc. She will be a aggressive if the other dog gets an attitude with her. Otherwise she played with 2 other females and my male just fine. She doesn't get along with my rescue dog because he's as pig headed as she is.

My boy Kaine

Lots have changed in the standard and looks of the CC's in the 13 years I've been with the breed.
They have stablilized alot from when I first got involved. Just research your breeders carefully!!

I don't have any picts of the bruna/kaine pup, Bella she just hates the camera so I can never get a good shot of her... and was the runt of the litter and I retained her because she has some leg problems.
And the other old girl we have, Delta, well, she had alot of problems due to poor breeding (not mine) and adolescent epiliepsy. She was given to me by a friend that didn't want her. She started off as a great working dog.. but once the seizures started, well that was it for her. She's also pushing 12 yrs old.

So my Menagerie of Corsi is, old and not pretty, considering all the problems they've dealt with... but I love em all!
And yes, they keep me busy!

All the dogs are retired so they don't have to work other than guard the property. My rescue boy Gino will pull a cart so he gets to work sometimes but for the most part, they can just run and have fun.

I never want to be without a corso, I've had many different dogs in my life and the corso is really a special dog.
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im definalty more and more drawn to the corso with eveyrthing i read.
ive also been looking into the boerboel but they seem even harder to find a GOOD breeder of than good corsi lol, i definatly think the working mastifs are gonna be the way to go for me, i love the mastif personality, im seeing they are great all around dogs, can be used for carting and protection i think it might be the way to go...if the right one comes along that is

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