MY Geese were attacked


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Jul 12, 2010
Last night the geese started to scream and they sleep under my bedroom window so I knew something was up as they are usually very quite. So I got up and turned on all my motion detecter lights and sure enough there was a fox after them.....I watched them all night until the wee hours....I noticed this morning that my female was full of blood she either got bit just under the left side of the beek OR she ran into something sharp. I cleaned it out and she was very good for me but she could probably use a stitch....after I cleaned her I put water in a heated bucket and she stuck her wound under the water and started preening herself....I spent my day caging the doors of our lean-too and have put the geeese in there tonight I sure hope theyare safe~!!! I would have brought them right into the barn but they cause commotion with my there something other then peroxide I can use on her wound...she is acting fine but it is a deep wound.
oh so sorry about your goose, i had a chicken that was attacked and peroxide did the trick for her, sorry I don't have any first aid advice but I hope your girl is doing well tonight.
Don't continue to use peroxide on the wound it actually will keep the wound from healing. clean it good with it then use neosporin or Vetericyn spray on it. I like Vetericyn spray [TSC] because it is for wounds and infection. Hope she heals quickly and they are safe now.
See the above predator section in the index. Everyone has a predator lurking ,it is just a matter of time, unless you block them. 4 -5 ft. fence with hotwire (electric fence charger, a dog one will do.) top and along bottom 5-8 inches will keep just about anything from geese. Simple to install. Or a building that can't be dug under. Anything that goes after chickens and ducks (well larger than a screech owl) will go after geese, they just fight back and may or may not survive the first encounter. And the predator comes back........... Dogs, coyotes, fox, raccoons are the most common.

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