My Girl was attacked by neighbors dog and is hurt pretty bad...suggestions?

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  1. juleeque

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    Jul 14, 2014
    My neighbors dog attacked my girls, it killed one of my RIR's and tore my other RIR up, but she's still living. This happened Tue am. So she has a puncture on her back and one on her leg. The one on her leg, I could see her muscle, but it didn't seem torn, it is now closed up. The one on the back was deep and was weeping still yesterday, but seems coagulated now. The dog ripped alot of feathers off of her back. A friend has given her 3 penicillin shots to help with infection. She is eating and drinking (electrolytes) , but not as much
    My concerns are:
    1. she's starting to loose weight
    2. I realize she is banged up pretty bad, but should she be trying to stand? She won't stand at all unless I hold her up. She just lays there kinda to one side.
    3. She pooped the first day, but I'm not seeing signs of her pooping since
    4. Of course she isn't laying either
    5. Her stomach? bowels? are gurgling like gas or liquid, we can hear it
    6. Her name is Honker--she honks like a goose, but now it's just a meek & timid quiet honk.
    7. Her crop is soft and spongy

    Last week I lost a hen to egg bound, I'm having a rough go of this my first year, but am willing to learn. Please if you reply, could we focus on just Honker, she is the issue not the dog. thx so much juleeque
  2. mtngirl35

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    Dec 10, 2013
    Sounds like your doing good things for her. Let her rest, keep her wounds clean, and keep those liquids going if you can. Can chickens get upset stomach from antibiotics like people do? Hope Honker gets better quick. Keep us posted.

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