my girls laid eggs all winter, but 2 days now none.


9 Years
Apr 24, 2010
I put a light on a timer and for the most part kept the coop 35- 45 deg. all winter. I have 10 girls and would get 7 - 9 eggs a day all winter. I spoil them , and water and feed them religiously.
However I was out of the country on a missions trip for 10 days , and my wife doesn't deal with them as well LOL . She let them run out of water 2 times and feed once. But she did let them outside to roam because the weather was mild. 32- 48 deg. When I got home they were out of water and food , probably for a day. And I stooped getting Eggs the day after I got home. They are about 11 months old but I don't see any sign of malt. Could I't just be the end of there cycle , or that they noticed the season still winter, I dont see any mites or worms. Or that they are mad for me leaving them LOL any suggestions would be Great Thanks.
A couple days of regular food and water and I bet they will be back on track. I read somewhere how much water it takes to generate an egg- and it was a lot...

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