My girls LOVE me!! (well, they love treats...)


9 Years
Feb 3, 2010
Southern California
My girls love me so much.....I can now put my hand in the brooder and they all crowd around to see what I have, even if I have nothing.

Tonight after treat time....I gave extra treats to the girls that would let me pick them up. They got to take a trip to the meal worm bin and pick out a couple of tasty treats! The girls who had been there got very eager about being held. I had to catch a couple others. Once they realized being held meant treats......they were more willing. I have about 5 girls out of 16 who are very receptive to being held.....

I love my girls!! (even if they only love my treats) I can't believe what a joy they have been to watch and grow. My family thinks I'm crazy as I sit and tell them about each girls peronality...I dont care...It certainly brings me immense happiness and peace...who would thought?!??!
How cute! I will have to try this with my chicks. I tried to catch a chick for a friend who has a lonesome same-age silky bantam chick and it was quite a challenge. I'll have to try giving them more "incentives" I guess.
Welcome to the other side of the road. Now you can say you've been shot by the chicken cupid's arrow

And if you're family thinks you're crazy, you are crazy, that is, crazy in love with your chickie babies
I am I admit it....I love them.....

I highly recommend bribery, it works....especially, MEAL WORMS

I cant believe how much I worry about them and their well-being....
A couple of my hens are so greedy for treats they hop in my lap to see if I'm hiding any from them. They certainly want you for the food, the little gold-diggers . . . um, treat-diggers?
How old are your babies? Mine are a little over a week, probably nine days, or so, and some struggle less than others when I go to pick them up. Tonight, one of them flew maybe almost six to eight inches, but only an inch or two off the brooder floor. Time to get out the chicken wire for the top of the brooder.
Dora's Mom - mine are also about a week and very much the same way. I have a few that really fight when being held, a few that could care less, and one that will actually peck at me and try to attack me when I reach to pick her up (not pecking in a curious way, but aggressively).

Anyhow, I already have 2 or 3 that I suspect are roos. One I know for sure is as he is trying to spar. I noticed the ones I suspect to be roos are the ones that struggle the most while being held. I thought it was an interesting observation.

Where can I get meal worms?? Are week old chicks old enough to try them?
How fun! I am crazy in love with my chickies too. I want to try the meal worm trick. I would also like to know where you can buy meal worms? Thanks!
Really? What do they taste like (please don't say chicken)? Someone else said they didn't have much flavor, but they had eaten it raw. Do you freeze them before cooking them? I'd get upset over them squirming while cooking in the butter, so I think I would have to freeze them first just for peace of mind.
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